deerhurst golf cottages Over the weekend you learned all about the Orsos Island, a $6.5 million man-made island that its owner can tow anywhere.

Let’s face it, a luxury, transportable island would be pretty great, but not everyone has that type of cash to simply throw into the sea.

That’s why the folks at Skyline would like to direct your attention to their Muskoka cottage development, Deerhurst Golf Cottages. What does this have to do with a man-made island?

Well, at Deerhurst Golf Cottages you can purchase a cottage with your own private beach, 2.5 kilometres of waterfront and boat access from only $399,900. There are also a ton more activities to do there — a man-made island just can’t compete.

From dogsledding to tennis, snowmobiling to golf, there’s absolutely no chance you’ll ever run out of fun things to do.

And unless you’ve got a penchant for 800 page novels, the number of activities possible on a man-made island are pretty limited.

In conclusion, the man-made island is a cool concept, but when it comes to fun, affordability and a true outdoor experience, Deerhurst Golf Cottages definitely wins the day.

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