If you liked playing with diggers as a kid, then you’re going to love this video.

Salt, Concert‘s latest development in downtown Vancouver, had a 110,000 lb excavator dig for almost 210 days. It created a gigantic hole that was 80 feet deep. So, the big question is: how did they get the excavator out of the hole?

Well, by crane of course! This super cool video catches the removal in action. There’s something inherently cool about seeing an excavator dangle in mid-air.

While Salt is already sold out, Concert has another awesome development in the works. Era is Concert‘s fifth new condo development in Victoria in the last eight years. Era is located in a convenient location in the heart of Victorias’ downtown core and it offers great value for attainable prices.

For more information on Era call 250-383-3722, email Era@ConcertProperties.com or visit their website here.

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