A swank Central Park West co-op is attempting to boot out a 59-year-old heiress for her chain smoking.

The co-op board of the El Dorado at 300 Central Park West claims that Diane Wells has repeatedly ignored resident complaints about her smoking, even refusing to use the air purifiers that her neighbors bought her for her ninth-floor apartment.

“Wells smokes so heavily that the smoke and odor permeates the elevator and extends as far down as the lobby of the building and at least as high up as the apartments on the 10th floor,” stated a complaint filed by the El Dorado, whose residents over the years have included Alec Baldwin, Bono, Michael J. Fox and Marilyn Monroe.

Although Wells has lived in the apartment for about ten years, the co-op alleges that the problem started this year, when holes in the walls of Wells’ four-bedroom apartment and a hole in the plumbing line let smoke drift into adjacent areas. The suit says Wells would not let management come into the apartment to seal the holes.

The El Dorado is asking for an order forbidding her from smoking until the apartment is repaired, as well as an order to kick her out.

Wells also owes $18,000 on her common charges and has fallen $42,000 short in the escrow account she agreed to maintain in return for living in the apartment, which belonged to her late multimillionaire mother Constance Cheney, who died in 2007.

This isn’t the first time that Wells has made the news; this harrowing article in The New York Times covers her contentious relationship with her mother and includes screaming fights, abuse allegations, sleeping pills, sex changes, vicious sibling rivalries and accusations of soliciting murder, all around the time that Wells lived in the El Dorado’s Apartment 9B with Cheney.

Whew. Now we need a cigarette.

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