When it comes to architecture and design, inspiration is everywhere, including the driveway.

This incredible home was built nearly eight years ago, but it’s such a find, we simply had to share it. Designed by Markus Voglreiter in 2003, this 900 square foot, 3 storey, personal home was inspired by Porche’s 1935 Beetle.

The home is located near Salzburg, Austria and it cost roughly £750,000 to build.

The foundation is cement, but the rest of the structure is constructed out of pine wood. The best feature? When the lights are on at night, the bedroom windows look like headlights from the outside!

Check out the cool pics of this “vintage” home below:

Car lovers are bound to love this home.


We wouldn’t want to be stuck behind this bumper in a traffic jam.


Surprisingly, the interior of this house looks very livable


The bathroom window looks like the gas cap from the outside.






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