Right now, Calgary is all about the Stampede, but in a month, the focus may be on something completely different.

From August 9th to September 9th, Calgary will get its first street park.

On Tuesday July 3rd, a council committee approved a motion to close a downtown street to traffic to create a community space. If council approves the motion later in the month, this will mean that cars will be off 10th Street S.W. between Sixth and Seventh Avenue.

According to an article on the CBC, Ald. John Mar said “It was designed specifically to be fairly low impact in terms of commuter traffic.”

He went on to note that “it was something that the downtown community association was very, very excited about, so it’s important to have not only the commitment from the administration but also from the host neighbourhood.”

The project will cost $90,000. The street park or “s-park” will feature banners, planters, and temporary furniture as well as community events.

Some Calgary home owners will no doubt be thrilled with the community initiative, but others may find the road closures frustrating.

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