No, Shelter ByGG isn’t a space pod that’s fallen to the sky; it’s an urban sculpture object that can also be used as a living space.

According to Arch Daily, designer Gabriela Gomes created an experimental object that combines sculpture and architecture to create a cocoon like space.

The unit includes one double room and a small integrated bathroom. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, Shelter ByGG also is constructed out of ecological materials and energy is generated from solar panels.

The unit explores ideas around sustainability and habitation issues. Not only does Shelter ByGG focus on being eco-efficient, it is also mobile and transportable in that it doesn’t require infrastructure in order to stand.

Kind of neat, right?

With all the talk around affordable housing, could pods like Shelter ByGG become an environmentally friendly solution in the future?

Check out some of the awesome pics below courtesy of photographer Joao Morgado:

The red exterior of ByGG sure is eye catching.


Things are tight inside the pod-like structure


ByGG offers a room with a unique view



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