Attention fellow real-estate junkies! Part 2 of our tour of The Sterling by Castlepoint Realty is here for your viewing pleasure.

Yesterday morning we published part 1 of some amazing photographs of the 93 year-old Sterling building in all its renegade splendor. However, we held out on you a bit and are now feeling just a little bit guilty about it. As such, we have decided to share the rest! Enjoy…

It’s amazing what people can do with a couple cans of spray paint!

We like to get a little artsy now and again.

There will be an elevator system in The Sterling but for now…

This Nestle factory is right next door and permeates the air with the smell of melted chocolate.

President of BuzzBuzzHome provides all the color for this photo.

Ecchhhhoooooooo! (cho, cho, cho….)

Last photo of the CN Tower. Promise.

Register now and receive these lovely bathroom amenities at no extra charge….KIDDING!

To the west: a central park area framed by additional residential/commercial buildings will be constructed.

Pretty soon all this will be sandblasted away…

This concludes our tour of The Sterling but stay tuned for more coverage as the revitalization of the building is underway!

For more information on The Sterling please contact the sales centre by phone at 416 777 2533 or by e-mail at

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