What’s a true test of how much you love your favourite brand? How about painting your house with their signature pattern?

That’s just what Norwegian artist Jens Werner did. According to an article in The Daily Mail, it took several weeks and cost thousands of pounds, but Werner successfully covered the exterior of his house in Burberry’s famous beige, black and red tartan design.

At least Werner has good taste. Burberry is over 150 years old and is a favourite of celebs like Alexa Chung and Harry Potter’s Emma Watson.

In the article in The Daily Mail, Werner says that he was aiming to turn his home into a “gathering place for happy people, peace-on-earth mentality and art-loving people”.

Check out the pics of the house below. We think it’s safe to say this one is a “knock-off”:

The clothes on the line might not be Burberry but the house more than makes up for it.

A closer look at the Burberry pattern

A corner of the Burberry house

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