new york city l train What began as a modest proposal for some (very) modestly sized apartments has become a hot topic for the New York media this week.

On Monday, Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a new plan for an apartment building in Kips Bay that will consist of “micro-units” measuring between 275 and 300 square feet. The Mayor cited high demand for studio units and the fact that 75 per cent of Manhattanites live alone or with one other person as the primary reasons for the proposal.

So 275 square feet sounds small, but just how small is it? Some media outlets have latched on to the sound bite-friendly subway car comparison. According to amNY, the units are “about half the size of the subway cars that run along routes including the E, F, L and Q lines.”

The micro-units would rent for under $2,000 per month (what a steal!) and feature a mini kitchen, bathroom and futon to sleep on.

The city is currently accepting proposals from companies wishing to build on the city-owned parking lot in Kips Bay. More on these small suites as the story develops!

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