Need a feel good real estate story to perk up your Wednesday?

Well, here’s one for you. According to CBC, a Vancouver couple has anonymously donated $30 million dollars to help re-open a housing facility for the homeless.

Taylor Manor is a heritage house that was built in 1915 as a care home for low-income seniors. It got it’s name in 1946 in honour of eight term Vancouver Mayor Louis. D. Taylor. According to CBC, Taylor  “died in poverty at age 89”.

The building was a long-term care facility that was open until 2000 when residents moved into Adanac Park Lodge.

The donation will completely underwrite the annual $900,000 operating costs for Taylor Manor. Renovations are expected to be complete by 2014 and the home will be operated by the Kettle Friendship Society. The City of Vancouver will also spend $10 million to help renovate the mansion.

Judy Graves, coordinator of the City’s Tenant Assistance Program, stresses the importance of philanthropy. She said that “it sees the pain and it sees the suffering and is able to give what is really needed. It gives out of love, passionate love. People who have had nothing for many years will be getting great nutrition and great medical care.”

If that doesn’t warm your heart a little, we don’t know what will.

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