This story makes our bee hearts buzz.

According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, Loretta Yates, a homeowner in southern Ontario, knew that her home had a problem when a crack in the ceiling started oozing honey. Soon after, Yates found that her 1 1/2 storey house was also home to aproximately 80,000 bees nesting in the first floor ceiling.

Yates says she knew that a few wasps and bees were nesting in the house, but had no idea it was so many.

She ended up having to call beekeeper David Shuit to help remove the bees. Shuit said that at one point a lightbulb blew because it was half-full of honey. He took down the ceiling, scraped the honeycomb loose, caught at least one queen bee, and recovered over 100 kilograms of honey.

That’s a whole lot of honey!

Sounds to us like Yates’ incident brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “a sweet mess”.

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