33 bay model suite 1

All good things must come to an end and alas, this is our last tour of 33 Bay‘s furnished two-bedroom model suites. We’ve posted a multitude of interior photos over the past three weeks, kicking this series off with photos from the 950 square foot, 29th floor two-bedroom and following it up with the 876 square foot, two-bedroom.

The series’ final installment showcases the 1,051 square foot, two-bedroom suite that, like the other two furnished suites, sits on the 29th floor of Pinnacle‘s 33 Bay.

Enjoy the photos!

33 bay model suite

Like the other two furnished suites, Tanner Hill were behind the interiors for this suite. Gotta love those 29th storey views!

33 bay model suite 3

The kitchen. Note the red accents present throughout the suite.

33 bay model suite 2

The colour combinations had us drooling. Tanner Hill really outdid themselves with this suite!

33 bay model suite 4

The decor had a “found object” vibe to it. Some pieces were very interesting.

33 bay model suite 5

And finally the bathroom. Bathrooms at 33 Bay feature ceramic tile and faucets in a brushed finish.

For more information call 416 925 3325 or email pinnaclecentre@bellnet.ca. Click here to visit the website.

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