Mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson wasn’t kidding when he said the city is open to ideas to help Vancouver address affordable housing.

On Tuesday June 26th, a member of The Vancouver Sun’s editorial board suggested the city could raise more than $675 million by selling part of the Langara Golf Course.

Robertson responded by saying the city might consider the idea.

According to an article in The Vancouver Sun, Don Cayo wrote a column arguing that the city could raise money by selling 20 per cent of the 48.5 hectare Langara Golf Course He argued that the city is sitting on underused land on all three of its public golf courses.

In response to Cayo’s suggestion, Roberston agreed that there might be “opportunities to transform that space, to maintain golf on that site, to  increase public access, [and] to increase public housing.”

However, Robertson worries that transforming golf courses into housing developments could also impact green space in the city. But went on to say that “at this point it is debatable as to whether that is valuable green space. The public can’t access it, it is not biodiverse and there is no  strong business case.”

While golfers might not like Cayo’s suggestion, Robertson’s response proves that Vancouver is truly invested in finding creative ways to address affordable housing issues.

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