Vancouver’s got bikes on its brain!

Last week, we told you about the possibility of the public bike share program. This week, Vancouver city councilors voted to make the temporary bike lanes in the downtown core permanent.

The separated bike lanes run along Hornby, Dunsmuir street and across the Dunsmuir Viaduct. They were put in at the cost of $4.1 million dollars with the goal to give cyclists a safe route through downtown. One of the effects of the bike lanes’ installation is closed right turns off Dunsmuir onto Seymour Street and Hornby.

Councillor Geoff Meggs called the vote to keep the bike lanes. It was approved unanimously, but not everyone was happy with the decision.

According to CKNW news, Charles Gauthier from the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association was lobbying for councilors to let drivers turn right onto Hornby to help support local businesses. He said: “you have an option available to you to rectify a major deficiency and to mitigate the negative economic impacts associated with the lanes. This would go a long way to show your support for the small businesses in this part of the downtown.”

What do the bike lanes mean for home owners and developers? Well, it’s a clear indication that Vancouver is becoming an even more bike friendly city. This will impact the way people commute, residents’ access to amenities and the city’s energy. All important factors for real estate!

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