vancouvercondos What happens when an unwritten rule gets broken?

Some Vancouver residents are about to find out.

Since the 1980’s, there has been an unwritten rule in Vancouver that condos should be built at least 80 feet apart. This has been essential to creating liveable spacing in a tightly packed neighbourhood.

But, recently Vancouver has decided to prioritize office space downtown, which means that buildings are getting built closer and closer together.

It also means that condos and office towers are being built beside one another.

In an article in The Globe and Mail, former planning director Brent Toderian doesn’t hold back about his thoughts on the new building trend. He argues that “you should be able to stand naked in one condo and not really be visible from the condo in the next tower.”

The article highlights the Jameson House as a cautionary tale about the perils of putting office buildings and condos so close to one another. With a new 420-foot Swiss Real office tower being built a mere 28 feet away, Jameson House residents are currently faced with the possibility of having hundreds of cubicles right outside their windows.

Nothing says good morning like waking up to a boardroom full of people staring into your kitchen!

While Jameson House might be one of the first major luxury projects to face such issues, it probably won’t be the last. As Vancouver prioritizes office space in the downtown core, residents and developers may be forced to negotiate living in much tighter quarters.

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