The Hill by BSäR Group

Much has been made of the new Eglinton LRT and its expected impact on the long stretch of Eglinton that it will provide with top notch transit service.

Not only will the new transit line make commuting easier for thousands of Torontonians, it will also bring new retail and residential development to many neighbourhoods that border the busy thoroughfare.

One of those neighbourhoods we’re particularly interested in is Forest Hill. We decided to get the full low down on the impact of this transit project on the neighbourhood from two knowledgeable sources: Tyler Hershberg, principle at BSäR Group and Toronto City Councillor Joe Mihevc.

Hershberg’s development company is behind The Hill, a new project in its preconstruction phase at 925 Eglinton in the heart of Forest Hill’s Upper Village. Mihevc is the Councillor for Ward 21 St. Paul’s West, where a considerable segment of the LRT will be built.

According to Mihevc, the area’s retailers are looking forward to seeing the new transit route get up and running.

“The end goal is something they’re really looking forward to,” he explained over the phone. “They know that good public transit adds customers. Having an LRT system will bring more customers to the area. But they’re looking forward to the results of the project both on the transportation side and the development side. As [development] projects conclude, they’ll see a lot more people coming to the neighbourhood. That will be a good business opportunity for them.”

Mihevc also described a new planning initiative that the city will be undertaking to facilitate development along the new transit line.

“The city is looking at doing a planning study from one end of Eglinton to the other end where the LRT is going to go,” he said. “That’s going to pre-zone the properties so developers can go in and know exactly what is expected of them and what their development rights are. Once you put in the transportation, you want development to focus there because it will be transit-oriented development. We’re already seeing that on Eglinton.”

BSäR Group‘s The Hill is one of those transit-oriented projects. There will be a LRT stop on the north side of Eglinton and Bathurst, allowing The Hill‘s residents to take advantage of the new transit route. The development will also have retail space that Hershberg describes as being more appropriately sized for superior retail opportunities.

“The parcel sizes that were available didn’t offer the opportunities to put in new format retail that requires larger street frontage into the area,” he explained.

“Now, with our being able to accumulate a larger footprint through our acquisition of the China House and neighbouring TPA [Toronto Parking Authority] lot, we were able to provide this opportunity to retailers. This will modernize the streetscape and hopefully represent an impetus for change.”

When asked about the type of retailers he was expecting, Hershberg wasn’t able to go into detail but he anticipates some high end retailers will be wishing to bring their business to Eglinton.

“Obviously financial institutions are very attracted to the area because of the demographics,” he said. “Outside of that, some higher end boutiques, specialty food shops and other high end retailers are looking at the affluence of the Forest Hill demographic and recognizing the street as a great opportunity that has not been properly focused on.”

The future site of The Hill is already just a 5 minute walk from Eglinton West Station and once the Eglinton LRT is complete, it will be one of the most accessible locations in the city from a transit perspective.

We’re looking forward to learning more about The Hill, the LRT and its impact on the Forest Hill neighbourhood. Look out for more buzz soon!

In the meantime, call 416 546 6409 or email for more information on this development. Visit the website by clicking here.


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