Can you imagine a parking garage so secure that residents don’t even roll up their windows?

No, it’s not a Utopian dream of the future. It’s a new robotic parking garage in Vancouver’s luxury condo Jameson House by Bosa Developments.

According to an article in The Vancouver Courier, the parking garage is the only one of its kind in Canada.

To use the parking system, residents drive their cars into a transfer station and turn off the ignition. Then, the vehicle is automatically weighed and measured.

The driver gets out of the station and swipes a card to close the door. This activates an automatic retrieval system which transports the vehicle to one of five lower levels of storage. When the driver wants to retrieve their car, they simply swipe their card.

Totally amazing, right?

In the article, Daryl Simpson, vice-president of marketing for Bosa Developments, says that the parking garage allows 240 vehicles to be parked on five levels, but as you can imagine, security costs. The system is twice the price of a typical parking garage.

Simpson says that the luxury is worth it for experienced home owners. He notes that “if you love cars, it does add a cool factor  […] But this system wouldn’t work for every building because the cost  is so high. This is a luxury project and not for the first-time buyer.”

Maybe not, but we still think it is pretty cool!

Check out the video below for more on how the system works:

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