raw design graphic RAW Design are appealing to the comic book lover in all of us with the larger than life graphic commentary they commissioned for their VIP party tonight. All the notables and up-and-comers in Toronto’s architecture, design and development communities will be heading over to an empty warehouse space at 109 Ossington to take in RAW’s incredible display of floor-to-ceiling graphics, depicting comic book superheroes taking on important urban issues.

The edgy and sought-after Toronto architecture firm brought together a crack team of graphic illustrators to create a pictorial commentary on the creative process behind the city’s shifting landscape. Issues their superheroes will tackle range from density to design to streetscape. Captivating stuff!

As you may have guessed, this event isn’t open to the public, but RAW were kind enough to send over some sample graphics so you can get a taste of what will be on display tonight. Check them out below and follow us on Twitter tonight to get some live updates on all the action. Yes, we managed to score some VIBee passes…

raw design comic raw design comic 2 raw design comic 3 Check out Raw Design’s site here!

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