post house construction1 The Post House crew really love keeping us in the loop on the all the latest happenings at the construction site. We figure it’s mostly because Alterra are so excited and proud of the work they’re doing there that they want to show it off to the world.

We don’t blame them! It’s a great project and we love getting the updates. Speaking of updates, Post House currently has a pretty sweet promo underway. They’re offering a 10 per cent down deposit structure that has just been extended to the Father’s Day weekend. There’s still not a lot of time for dawdling on this one so get in touch soon!

After you’ve called up the sales centre (416 964 2777), why not have a look at a couple more pics from the construction site below…

post house construction2

The construction crew is now 40 feet below grade. That's 2/3 of the excavation complete. As you can see by the protective netting surrounding the site, the crew is going to great lengths to keep the historic buildings that neighbour the site safe.

post house construction3

Hard to imagine a 21 storey condo emerging from this vast hole in the ground, but that's just the magic of construction. Gettin 'er done.

post house construction4

We're sure to have more photos once the excavation process is finished. Alterra are very on the ball when it comes to documenting the progress.

For more info, click over to the Post House website or call the sales centre at 416 964 2777.

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