crystal masterplan It feels like just yesterday that the first tower of Crystal at Pinnacle Uptown launched to much fanfare (it actually was a couple months ago, time flies…).

The first tower was a resounding success and now Pinnacle International is set to launch the second tower at their Mississauga master planned community. Sales will begin at noon this Saturday (June 23) at the Pinnacle Uptown sales centre (5044 Hurontario Street, near Eglinton). Swing by before 6pm to get in on the sales action.

The fine folks at Pinnacle sent over some photos from the sales centre as they’re preparing for the launch. Check them out below to get a sneak peek of what you’ll be seeing on Saturday.


crystal scale model1

An artist puts the finishing touches on the Crystal 2 scale model.


The two Crystal towers in all their glory. The second tower is shorter than the first — 24 storeys while the first measures in at 28.


A few close ups of the scale model are always essential. Just don’t drop your camera!


Another close-up. This time of the shared space between the two towers.

For more info call 416 568 9000, email or click here to visit the website.

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