Parade 2 sky bridge

The Skybridge designed to connect Concord‘s Parade One and Two was raised overnight in what was can only be described as a feat of incredible logistical prowess.

The bridge links the two tallest towers in the Parade condo complex at Cityplace. Boasting an impressive two-storey span, the Skybridge is undoubtedly an iconic element of this development. What makes it even more amazing is the lower level will be a party room and lounge facility for Parade residents.

We had to see the Skybridge in all its glory so we took a drive over to Cityplace this afternoon to snap some photos. Check them out below…

parade skybridge

The Skybridge was raised yesterday night and into the morning. Apparently raising a Skybridge isn’t the quickest task…

parade skybridge

No matter how you look at it, the Skybridge is pretty incredible.

parade skybridge

The upper level of the Skybridge will be split between two suites. One will be accessible from the west tower and the other from the east.

Excited for some interior Skybridge photos? We sure are!

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