Ever wondered what condos might look like in the future? Well, we’ve got a treat for you!

Tsvetan Toshkov, a Bulgaria-born London-based architect designed a project titled City in the Sky which imagines an urban metropolis of the future.

The project was originally intended for the Megatropolis project where several artists and companies were supposed to come together to create a “future mega developed city”. The project fell through, but that didn’t stop Toshkov. Using New York City as a backdrop, he created a futuristic urban landscape inspired by the Lotus flower.

Are these buildings you’d want to invest in?

Check out the incredible images below:

The future looks friendly in this stunning image

According to Toshkov, these towers are inspired by the Lotus flower

The future of urban gardens?

Toshkov imagines a future urban landscape

Developments featured in this article

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