There is something magical about LEGO. Whether we’re building a toy train, plane, or boat, snapping together the colourful blocks always brings back memories of our childhood.

So, we got to wondering … how many LEGO’s would it take to build a real house?

Lucky for us, Movoto Real Estate was a step ahead. Inspired by a British resident who built a two-storey LEGO house in 2009 as part of a BBC series, Movoto put together a nifty infogram that helps calculate how many LEGOs it would take to build a home, or, you know, an entire condo development.

Totally. Awesome.

The calculator does come with one minor disclaimer: it only accounts for the outside walls of your home. So, if you’re planning on adding interior walls, you can add even more LEGOs to your tally!

How many LEGOS does it take to build your home?

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