If you commute in downtown Vancouver, chances are you regularly drive over the Dunsmuir or Georgia viaducts. But, that may be about to change. The city council  is seriously considering removing the structures.

For developers, this could be great news.

Built in the 1970’s as part of a freeway network that was never fully realized, the viaducts currently occupy valuable development space between the downtown core and Chinatown.

According to Councillor Geoff Meggs, the viaducts have been on the city council’s “to-do” list for over two years. In an interview with CTV News, he said,  “We’re at the point of a historic decision in council, probably at the end of July, and it’s time for the public to weigh in on the latest version.”

To encourage people to weigh in, Vancouver is hosting three open houses. At the first open house, they released the concept plan for the viaduct’s removal which you can check out here.

According to CTV News, “The city says tearing down the viaducts would facilitate a 13 per cent gain in park areas in that neighbourhood and approximately 850,000 square feet of development potential that could be used for affordable housing.”

The city further argues that the structures serve less than half of their intended traffic flow and are expensive to maintain.

Given the impact removing the structures could have on Vancouver developers, we’ll be sure to keep you posted on all things viaduct throughout the summer!


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