thecarlawstreetcar Streetcar Development are known for putting a premium on smart design and efficiency with all of their projects.

The Carlaw, their new development in Leslieville, is no exception. With efficient layouts and functional design, suites at The Carlaw boast bigger bedrooms, spacious storage and room for entertaining.

Like the sound of that? We thought you might…

Take the 754 square foot two-bedroom design for example. Both bedrooms are a minimum of 10 feet wide and the spacious laundry room will allow you to store your rain-soaked shirt and mud stained shoes without dirtying your living area.

To achieve the space needed for such large bedrooms and a real laundry room, Seven Haus Design minimized hallway space.

“You can’t do a lot of living in a hallway,” says Jeff Schnitter, principal at Seven Haus. “By eliminating them as much as possible, we can use that space to create bigger, more functional rooms.”

The suite is also versatile. The workaholic and scholarly types may want a computer desk and some books against the wall opposite the kitchen, while the social butterflies among us could do more with a dining table and an island as an upgrade.

Space, versatility, functionality, these are the keywords you should be looking for when on the condo hunt and The Carlaw is hitting all of them!

The The Carlaw is a development by Streetcar Development and Dundee Realty. For more info call 416 690 8588 or email Visit the project’s website by clicking here.

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