How do cities handle growth? One strategy is to get together and plan.

Good thing for Albertans, that’s just what their cities are doing!

According to an article on Global TV Edmonton, the Alberta Government, the City of Calgary, and the City of Edmonton have formalized their commitment to developing a city charter to help meet the challenges of growth by signing a memorandum.

It is the first stage for developing a legislative framework designed to help each city meet the growing demand for urban services. It will also encourage each of the partners to explore their operating and legislative responsibilities.

It might not sound very sexy, but it’s an important step to supporting the cities’ residents as well as their real estate industries!

In the article, Premier of Alberta Alison Redford says that the “charter will position our two largest cities for the future. Our government needs to continue to build on our  strong relationships that give municipalities the flexibility they need to meet  local needs, not only four or five years from now, but 20 years from now.”

The Mayor of Calgary and the Mayor of Edmonton both expressed their excitement about the charter indicating the importance of working together to provide the services people rely on.

But, don’t get too excited. Legislation moves slowly. The first stage of the project will determine the parameters of the charter with  respect to issues, interests, options and solutions. This work will be completed  by September 2012 and the charter won’t be presented to the Legislature until the spring of 2013.

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