If we’ve learned nothing from science fiction movies, it’s that looking into the future can be hard.

That’s why the city of Vancouver commissioned a local artist to conceptualize what transit might look like twenty years from now.

One of the high concept pastel drawing envisions two of the eight lanes on the Granville Bridge dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists.

Sound like a big idea? That’s just what Jerry Dobrovolny, the city’s director of transportation, wants.

In an article in The Vancouver Sun he says, “Right now it is not a proposal going to council for construction. It is a concept. The idea was to get some sample ideas out there so people can see what they mean.”

In other words, he wants to get people talking about the future of the city’s transit. This is largely because of the city’s Transportation 2040 report. The report aims to improve the movement of people and goods in Vancouver in the next 25 years, and the city is currently seeking feedback on the draft before finalizing the plan later in the year.

For home owners and developers, the report’s final proposal will significantly impact the look and convenience of their neighbourhoods.  But, one thing is for sure: Vancouver is looking to the future!

Check out the full sized image of one of the pieces of concept art below:


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