The designers of this home definitely had their heads in the clouds!

As its title suggests, The Cloud House is inspired by clouds, both in its visual aesthetic as well as its playful nature.

It is designed by McBridge Charles Ryan in Melbourne Australia. According to the architect’s description the house is “an addition and renovation to a double-fronted Edwardian house in Fitzroy North. Over the course of close to a century, this house has received several additions and modifications.”

And those modifications aren’t just on the outside. The interior is equally as unique and includes a red-coloured ‘box’ that functions as the kitchen and acts a bridge between the house’s major spaces.

Check out the cool pictures below:

With the Cloud House, you can always see the “cloud” in the sky … even at night! 

The interior of the Cloud House is as unique as its exterior

The kitchen connects the major living spaces of The Cloud House


A look inside The Clouse House


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