christopher molder save farmer The following is a guest post by Christopher Molder, a 2nd generation Toronto mortgage broker and blogger on He runs his family’s Mortgage Centre franchise on The Danforth. With over 35 years of mortgage experience behind him he enjoys passing on the knowledge his father taught him about personal finance and mortgages.

What is the seed from which financial growth, stability and independence are harvested (hint: it’s not rocket science)? Savings. There are plenty of tools, programs and methods to help savings grow but the simple act of saving is the engine that fuels personal wealth. However, the act of saving is a virtue that doesn’t always fit with the views of our consumer society.

We are constantly receiving messages to buy more and more stuff and often with money that we don’t even have.But it wasn’t always un-sexy to save. Little more than a generation ago, saving was not only deeply instilled as a societal value, it was also a necessity for survival and life.

Are you a farmer?

Traditionally at the end of each growing season farmers would carefully select and preserve seeds from their strongest and most resistant crops. This “seed saving” would ensure that they had enough food and seed for the next growing season. The cycle of seed saving allowed for persistent stable growth which allowed families and cities to thrive.

Are you like a traditional farmer when it comes to your own household finances? Do you save some “seed” for future growing seasons or maybe for a season with a poor harvest? Or do you consume everything you work hard for and then have to work even harder for the next year?

Your annual income is not what makes you flourish

Working as a mortgage broker I have seen countless household finance profiles. There is one fundamental truth that always holds true. If you consume more than you earn there can be no financial growth or stability. It is that simple. Your annual income is not what makes you flourish. It is your ability to save that creates wealth, stability and financial independence. Without saving it’s difficult to attain the financial freedom that you work so hard for.

Remember to always plant seeds for shady trees in the future.

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