Being cities with very different identities, Vancouver and New York don’t get mentioned in the same sentence very often. But, we’ve got a story that changes that.

This summer, New York will welcome a public bike-sharing program. According to the New York Times:

“More than 200 cities around the world have bike-share programs. [New York’s is] not the first, but [it] will be one of the largest systems […] It will cost just under $10 for a day’s rental. The charge includes unlimited rides during a 24-hour period, as long as each ride is under 30 minutes.”

Similarly, Vancouver is currently awaiting word on their bike-sharing program. In some ways, it seems strange that New York will have a bike sharing program before Vancouver. After all, Vancouver is one of the most bike friendly cities in North America.

However, Vancouver has something New York doesn’t: a mandatory helmet law.

In New York, there’s a law that forces people under the age of fourteen to wear a helmet, but no such law for adults. A post by Michael Aynsley on Open File notes that many people think Vancouver’s more restrictive helmet laws will doom any bike-sharing program to failure.

What does Vancouver’s bike-sharing program mean for Vancouver developers and home owners? Well, if the program goes through, it will add a new dimension of convenience to the city. Particularly downtown, developments are bound to benefit.

As we wait for more info on Vancouver’s bike-sharing future, we’ll be keeping a close eye on New York’s program.

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