When we first heard about this story, our hearts immediately started to buzz with excitement.

According to Architect Magazine, a team of University of Buffalo students got together to design a residential tower for bees.

The aptly named Elevator B is a 22 foot tower designed specifically for our buzzing friends. Made from steel, glass and wood, the tower is described as an “apartment building” for bees. The current residents include a hive of bees that were found in a nearby grainmill.

Humans can visit the tower through a movable glass window located below the hive.

The project is a response to a competition held by the the University of Buffalo’s Ecological Practices Research Group. According to the Architecture Magazine article, the contest “asked for a living structure in which local bees could thrive within an urban environment, and which would serve as an educational demonstration project”

With the world’s bee population in decline, this is an awesome example of how architecture can encourage biodiversity. And, we have to say the whole thing makes our hearts buzz with joy!

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