How important are Twitter and Facebook for Vancouver realtors? According to a new article in The Vancouver Province, very.

In the article, Nermin Hadzikadunic, owner of FindMaster Marketing Inc., says that “if you don’t have an online presence, you are already behind the eight ball.”

Eeek! For the less technologically inclined, Hadzikadunic’s definitive statement might seem a little daunting.

After all, it was only a few years ago that “For Sale” signs and “New Listings” flyers might’ve been enough of a marketing push. But, the climate has changed.

Particularly in urban areas like Vancouver.  Today’s consumers are better informed and more technologically inclined. They expect that their realtors will be the same.

From Facebook pages to virtual tours on YouTube, many clients expect a comprehensive social media presence. More than that, they want social media to be used intelligently.

In the article Chris Spotzl, co-owner of says, “I’ve had a lot of people comment that they like the way we use social media […] I just think of it as another tool we have at our disposal to be able to connect with tons of people.”

But, as The Province article aptly points out, technology isn’t a replacement for relationships. President of Coldwell Banker Canada John Geha says that “as much as technology has made us more efficient and has been able to deliver information at a very fast pace to the consumer, it still boils down to the relationship.”

So, while it’s important to spread the word about listings, it is equally as important to be personable.

We don’t know about you, but all of this social media talk makes us want to update our Facebook status!

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