When most people passed this alley in Warsaw, they weren’t thinking “Hey, maybe I could buy that and make it my new home.”

But, we guess at least one person did. And now, a previously trash-filled alley will be home thinnest house in the world at 133 centimetres.

Just for some context, in case you still don’t reference day-to-day measurements using the metric system, 133 centimetres is just over four feet.

Four feet is the average height of a 10-year-old, so it’s fairly unlikely that the owner of the home will be able to lay width-wise.

So all of you condo dwellers complaining that your 320 sq ft suite just isn’t roomy enough should count yourselves lucky, right?

Not a lot of space if you want to perform basic functions like… raising both arms to your side? Anyone have a place to crash in Warsaw? We’d love to get a tour sometime.

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