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Upper Unionville by Arista Homes

When it comes to areas for innovation in the real estate world, the purchasing process doesn’t immediately jump to mind as a compelling area to pursue.

But when you think about it, there are a lot of reasons to pay more attention to the process.

Often the success of a project is judged by how many people pack into the sales centre on opening day. This makes for great publicity and photo ops, but it’s not too enjoyable for the purchasers who are packed like sardines into the sales centre.

When it came to launching Upper Unionville in Markham, the project’s developers (Arista Homes, Fieldgate Homes, Paradise Homes and Starlane Homes) did a little innovating and came up with a new previewing and purchasing process that strives to be fairer and more equitable for home buyers.

Upper Unionville has a lot of hype surrounding it and thousands were expected to show up at the preview opening weekend. This would be a bad scene, considering there are only 600 homes in the first phase. Here’s a breakdown of how the developers and their marketing agency, Ryan Design, re-tooled the process to help out everyone hoping to purchase a home:

  • The waiting list was first purged by asking people if they were still interested
  • Those that were have been invited to a special “Open House” Preview Week in which the builders will have their plans on display in the sales office
  • If the prospective purchaser is still into the development after the preview open house, they go back online and are invited to make a “Purchaser Appointment” for the following week. Names are selected at random and those chosen for an appointment are notified by email.
  • An interactive day-timer on the community’s site allows the potential buyer to indicate the builder they’re most interested in and then choose a time based on the available slots
  • An email confirms your appointment time and a series of subsequent emails keep you in the loop on any updates

All this makes for a quiet sales centre and an easier purchasing experience. While a bustling sales centre can be a fun experience for the BuzzHomies, we recognize that not everyone wants dozens of other people milling about when they’re trying to ink a deal.

“By guiding prospects through the process with a well-orchestrated system of emails, we’re informing them…educating them…and going a long way to qualifying them before they show up for their appointment,” said Gerry Ryan, President of Ryan Design, in a press release.

“The builders shouldn’t really have to pay much if anything for advertising outside of signage, and their sales team should wind up with an outstanding conversion rate.  In the end, we’re aiming to make the project launch more successful, more efficient and a good deal ‘saner’ at the same time.”

We’re into it! Hope to hear more about how responsive purchasers were to this new system soon.

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