the condo kings bus If you’re at all familiar with Toronto’s booming condo market, you may have heard the name “The Condo Kings” around the city. But the trio of brothers have a new attention grabber that will ensure that if you haven’t heard of them before, you sure will know who they are now.

The Condos Kings are a group of sales representatives that have been in the business for the past 18 years and are currently the #4 Team in Canada for Coldwell Banker. One of The Condo Kings specialties is (you guessed it) condo sales. Among their recent acquisitions is a decked out, ultra-renovated luxury coach bus that they plan to use for new developments and as part of builder incentive programs.

Who wouldn’t want to ride in a bus with hardwood flooring, huge leather couches and a state-of-the-art soundsystem? BuzzBuzzHome caught up with the three brothers — John, George and Frank Filntissis — to get the full story on the epic bus and take a tour of the luxe vehicle.

BuzzBuzzHome: What do you guys use this bus for?

Frank Filntissis: The main use of the bus is new condo development. We’re doing pre-sales and clean up for buildings. If there’s clients looking to buy into new projects and get priority pricing, they can get that from traveling on the vehicle because we have pre-arranged packages with builders.

We also use it for clean up. When a building has a few units remaining and a builder is looking to sell them, they’re giving us incentive packages for our clients.

condo kings bus

BBH: Why did you guys decide to get the bus?

FF: We felt there was an untapped market that we felt needed more attention. With a vehicle of this calibre, we felt we could do it on a high end scale. It’s also great for parties and corporate functions in between.

George Filntissis: It’s a massive investment, which sets us apart from other people.

BBH: Where did you purchase it?

FF: We acquired it from a company that does custom coaches, through a friend of mine. Wecustom designed the interior layout and he built it for us.


BBH: Can you give us the full story on the interiors?

FF: We’ve got a 13ft tall x 40 foot long coach that had regular seating inside originally. Now it’s customized — we’ve got four 13 foot long leather couches, hardwood floors, granite countertops four 46 inch LED TV screens, four Playstation 3s and a stereo system that could blow the roof off the bus!

BBH: How many days is the bus on the road?

FF: Although the vehicle has done many trips to date, Our first official development sitecontract starts on May 26 with Context. We’ve been using it to go for dinner, special events and concerts.

GF: It’s more for special occasions right now. At this point we’re trying to get the quirks and bugs out of the bus.

BBH: Where have you taken the bus?

FF: It made its debut at the Santa Claus Parade in Markham. That was the first time we took it out. We’ve taken it to Binghampton, New York for a hockey tournament. It’s been to Niagara Falls. We use it for a lot of sporting events. George coaches rep soccer for Markham. We all play baseball and hockey all of which TCK sponsors and utilize the Bus for events.

GF: It’s been around, that’s for sure.

Condokings BBH: What’s the typical reaction when someone walks on the bus?

FF: They’re expecting to walk in and see coach seats. When they walk past the curtain, their jaws usually drop.

BBH: Do you see using this for decades to come?

FF: Absolutely. It’s something we’ll continue to use probably well into our retirement. Whoever takes over our business will keep it going.

GF: It’s a massive investment and it’s definitely long term. You can’t pour the amount of money we did into it and not utilize it.

the condo kings

From left to right: John Filntissis, Frank Filntissis and George Filntissis

BBH: Do you have a regular driver?

FF: We’ve got two professional drivers that drive for us. The insurance is really high and they’re really strict on who can go out and drive the vehicle. They need a perfect record and a minimum of five years of experience with no lapses.

BBH: What’s your relationship with the Royal Bank of Canada?

GF: We’re the only realtor team that’s ever been able to co-brand with RBC on such a large scale. RBC’s never done anything of the like. RBC, being the largest bank in Canada, chose to co-brand with us. They’re actually on the exterior bus. We think it speaks volumes for us and the business that we do.

Thanks to The Condo Kings for letting us hang out on their amazing luxury coach. Visit their site by clicking here!

And now a message from The Condo Kings: The Condo Kings would like to let the builder community know that if you think their vehicle could be an asset to you and your development, please feel free to contact them as they would love to speak with you. 416-347-8118.

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