tao condos rendering TAO Condos, the new Richmond Hill development by SigNature Communities, pushed the envelope when they brought on a Feng Shui master to advise them during the design process.

The same envelope was given a second shove when TAO released their awesome interactive YouTube video that showed viewers the many versions of tranquility they could experience living there.

It looks like TAO are envelope bullies, but we’re totally into it because they’re back pushing the envelope with their new “Traveling Condo Model”. They’ve created a 3D model of the TAO building that you can easily fold up and unfold at you leisure, allowing for maximum simplicity when showing off and examining the building.

The TAO brochure contains QR Codes with content accessible through the iPhone app, Daqri. Once scanned, augmented 3D images pop up instantly, allowing potential purchasers to get a first-hand visual of the interior. The Daqri app overlays 3D images onto the real world using a smartphone. Cool? So cool!

Check out the handy step-by-step guide below so you know what to do when you have a condo model and brochure in your hands…

For more info call 905 597 2535 or visit the website here.

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