pinnacle centre exterior We took a ride down to Pinnacle International‘s Pinnacle Centre to scope out its boast-worthy amenities and see the amazing models that the Palatial Collection at Success Tower had to offer.

Suffice to say it was a busy afternoon of photo-taking but we came away with plenty of material. The amenities at the Pinnacle Centre are up first but we’ll leave you waiting with bated breath for the photos from the Palatial Collection — expect them next week.

So who gets to use the amenities at Pinnacle Centre? The residents of 33 Bay and Success Tower of course. Units are still available at both towers in the Pinnacle Centre so if these amenities have piqued your curiosity, we highly suggest you learn more about 33 Bay and Success Tower here and here (respectively).

And now we’re pleased to present… the amenities.

pinnacle centre pool

The type of pool you could do some serious lap-swimming in. A token pool, this is not...

pinnacle centre gym

The gym was quiet in the mid-afternoon. We decided to get a few good bicep curls in while no one was watching.

pinnacle centre party room

No shortage of space in the Pinnacle Centre Party Room. It comes equipped with a bar area and kitchen facilities.

pinnacle centre pool table

A place for the pool sharks. Pinnacle Centre has plenty of space to kick back and enjoy yourself.

pinnacle centre racquet ball

If racquet ball is your sport of choice, then you'll feel right at home here. There's also a squash court for those of you who know the difference.

pinnacle centre theatre

The Pinnacle Centre Media Room. A perfect place to watch Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

For more info on 33 Bay and Success Tower call 416 925 3325 or email

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