There’s nothing sweeter than a suite release, especially when it’s at a high caliber project like Picasso on Richmond.

Sales have been moving along very smoothly at the Goldman Group and Monarch development. Check out our interview with Michael Budovitch of TradeUp Real Estate to get the low-down on that.

In light of the strong sales, a new suite collection, dubbed “Sky Suites”, was released. The new collection, which includes 12 new layouts, has reached hot cake-level sales pace.

Despite the quick sales, a large selection of suites remain, though odds are good that they won’t last too much longer.

The 35 storey project has been catching eyes since it was announced in October. The development dream team of the Goldman Group and Monarch has been a big draw thanks to both companies’ long history of quality projects.

Purchasers are also digging the prime location in Toronto’s Entertainment District and the iconic architecture developed by Teeple Architects. Even Picasso himself would be proud.

Interested? If so, we’d suggest getting on the phone or shooting off an email, sooner rather than later.

Suites at Picasso range from 456 to 935 square feet. For more info call 416 495 3549 or email

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