jadewaterfrontmodel4 Jade Waterfront Condos opened to the public earlier this month and since then, plenty of potential buyers have strolled through the sales centre and model suite at 2175 Lakeshore Boulevard West.

Touring the model suite is one thing, but we always try to add another dimension to the experience by interviewing the designer behind the interiors on display.

Often times, the interior designer will pack the model suite with so many flourishes and innovative ideas that you don’t fully grasp the scope until you get the goods directly from the designer him/herself.

That’s why we were thrilled to chat with Tania Richardson, principal partner at Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting. Tomas Pearce shaped the aesthetic of Jade and, after taking a look at the 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom model suite, you’ll agree that it’s a unique vision indeed.

Enjoy our interview with Tania and some model suite pics below!

BuzzBuzzHome: Where did you take inspiration when developing the design for Jade?

Tania Richardson: For the first time ever in doing a project down by the water, there was no direct inspiration from the water. Whenever we do something by the water, the design usually relates to the water. This time we ignored the fact that the water’s there. It’s a given that the project is on the water. We ignored any resort or water-type elements.

Instead, we infused the condo with lifestyle, using beautiful materials. We gave it our Tomas Pearce signature look, instead of playing off any type of theme or inspiration. We looked internally into our own design philosophy and strategy.

BBH: Tell us what’s so special about the model suite kitchen?

TR: The kitchen is a fantastic space. Generally with condos we have a formula, it’s a 12 foot run of kitchen cabinetry. But here we did some colour blocking and material blocking. Down below, we kept it nice and fresh with white cabinets and Caesarstone countertops. Often times developers are putting in these awful, unsightly exhaust ovens. We colour blocked it by having the whole upper cabinet facade in the dark black to match the microwave. This way, your eye cruises by it. You don’t notice the unsightly micro-exhaust hood jumping out at you.

We also managed to create some open shelving for some display work — nice flats slabs with high gloss-lacquered upper cabinetry. The fridge is recessed back and is stainless steel, so it’s a sleek look.

Space is at a premium when we’re in condo buildings so we have to think multi-functional living, so the island also functions as a table. It can seat up to 6 people around it. If you want a gourmet kitchen, it allows you to block off the one side with cabinetry and create a two person seating area.

jade waterfront model suite
BBH: Let’s turn to the bedroom. Tell us a bit about how you made the master bedroom unique.

TR: We really like to push boundaries, especially in our model suites. Canadians generally have a safe approach to design and aesthetics. Phantom are phenomenal because they allow us to push boundaries. In the past, designers have focused on creating the illusion of larger spaces. So what we’ve done is include mirrored, sliding closet doors which help reflect light and create more depth. We kept the master bedroom very light.

If you look at the head board, you’ll notice it’s like a starburst. It makes your eye go out instead of centring in, so I think the head board contributes to making the room seem larger than it is. We weren’t afraid to use a large beautiful pendant in the middle of the room. We also really play off lighting in the room. You can create a lot of different atmospheres.

BBH: Let’s move on to the master bathroom. What can you tell us about the ensuite?

TR: We used a Caesarstone countertop with a wall-mount faucet. It is a tub-shower combo, but we used a beautiful frameless glass. The fixtures and faucets are all polished chrome. You’ll also notice in the shower we actually did a feature accent with a darker 1/2 inch to 6 inch stone going up the wall with a really nice contemporary tub. We hung up a decorative mirror instead of using a flat slab mirror and then we did a custom wall finish with one of our artists and suppliers.

BBH: What’s it been like working with Phantom Developments on this project?

TR: One of the reasons I like working with Phantom so much is they come up with ingenious marketing strategies. An interesting thing that Henry Strasser from Phantom did with this particular condo is embrace the “Sky Yard”. This building has larger terraces than most. That’s one thing they’re marketing off of, the extension of your living space outdoors.

I also should mention that, generally, when developers approach a model suite, they have a tendency to pull their best suites and show them as the models. What I love about the ingenuity of Henry Strasser and Phantom Developments, is they actually pulled the most challenging plan. He said his good floorplans would definitely sell first. I think it’s brilliant that he pulled more of a challenging floorplan out and furnished that so people can see how it works in the space. I think it’s a great marketing idea.

For more info call the sales centre at 416 251 0707 or email info@jadewaterfrontcondos.com. Visit the project’s website by clicking here!

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