Construction for Metro Vancouver’s Evergreen began in January and we’re super excited to hear that progress is speeding along.

Preliminary work by a construction crew is taking place by the Evergreen Cultural Centre. They’re conducting subsurface studies, trying to gain an understanding of the area’s terrain.

There were concerns over whether the much-anticipated (and delayed) project would be completed after Translink announced it wasn’t going ahead with a fare increase to close a $30 million gap in funding.

But the project is continuing, and it’s great news for home-seekers eager to snatch up properties by rapid transit — one of Metro Vancouver’s biggest draws in recent years. Buyers and investors want properties where everything is at their door, if the recent 415-unit condo that sold out in mere hours by the new Canada Line and Telus Garden pre-selling like hot cakes are any indication.

Check out some of our favourite projects that will be sitting pretty by the new Evergreen Line:


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