club lofts exterior Some folks like their house to have a little character and a little character can be tough to come by when it comes to new developments these days.

Why? Character develops over a long period of time and new developments are, well, new. You can see the problem. So what do you call a new development with character to spare? You call it Club Lofts.

The 12 storey Windsor condo development has some fascinating history behind it and will definitely appeal to the character-seeking house hunters out there.

The building itself was originally built to house millions of gallons of whiskey and was the world’s largest rack warehouse at the time.

As you know, whiskey is quite explosive, so the structure was engineered to withstand whiskey-fuelled explosions and to contain any damage between floors. In other words, this is one sturdily built condo.

The team over at Walkerville Club Lofts Inc have done a great job converting the building into an awesome space to live. Suites are huge — between 1600 and 2800 feet — and ceilings top off at 17 feet. Residents definitely won’t be short on space in these suites, that much we can guarantee.

And, considering its rich history, Club Lofts isn’t short on fascinating facts. We’ll surely be buzzing about the project in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

For more info call 519 800 LOFT (5638) or email Visit the website by clicking here!


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