watermark community In the early morning of May 11, 2012 BuzzBuzzHome rolled out Project 17. At its core, Project 17 enables the classification of multi-builder developments as ‘Communities’ as opposed to single ‘Projects.’ This means that multiple related projects may now be combined into neat and tidy community pages, bringing greater simplicity and accuracy to the site.

So what exactly is defined as a community? On BuzzBuzzHome, a community is comprised of multiple builders, constructing homes within a specified location, under a shared banner (for example: Watermark at Bearspaw or Upper Unionville).

In addition to listing the builders involved, community pages provide information on the land developer, who plays an important role in the community’s development. Users will also notice that community pages provide quick access to all of the floor plans and home types available in the community.

With one mouse click, a user interested in a particular plan or home may then contact the corresponding builder with the “Request More Information” box on the top right corner of each page.

Project 17 also includes a new redesign of developer and builder pages — note the sleek new tabs separating project types. And, we added a new section on the left side of these pages that notes which stage of construction a developer/builder’s projects are in.

Have any questions or feedback? We’d love to hear it! Feel free to drop us a message at info@buzzbuzzhome.com.

Happy house hunting (or… community hunting).

-The BuzzBuzzHome Team

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