Pretty significant changes on King West since the early 20th century...

While our primary passion is real estate, the BuzzHomies are no slouches when it comes to food.

A new restaurant in town? We’re there on opening night trying every dish on the menu…

So you know where we’ll be in June and then again in August when two new restaurants open on the trendiest of the trendy King West strip.

The first to open will be Weslodge in June. Described as a fresh take on the Old West saloon, Weslodge will serve “modern saloon fare”. We’re strapping on our cowboy boots as we write this, so sign us up!

The second to open with be Patria, where guests will be served tapas and pinchos with authentic Spanish ingredients. This resto will be opening in early August so mark it on your calendar.

We can’t decide what we like better — the fact that Weslodge and Patria will be located side by side in Victory‘s retail space (478 King Street West) or that the team behind Storys is also the vision behind both of these awesome new spots.

While we’re pretty thrilled about this foodie-news, the folks who should be really thrilled are the purchasers at Victory. They’ll be
enjoying this amazing food whenever they please.

Very well played on the part of BLVD Developments and Lifetime Developments. Looking forward to dining there shortly…

Find out more about these amazing restaurants by following Patria and Weslodge on Twitter.

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