We moseyed on over to the Ossington strip last week to snap a few photos of the uber-colourful 109OZ sales centre.

Unfortunately we got a little sidetracked, as we so often do, in the neighbourhood. But after a quick Duck Confit pizza at Pizzeria Libretto and a brief excursion to a vintage shop (or two), we finally walked through the 109OZ doors.

This wasn’t our first time at the sales centre as we had the pleasure of attending the 109OZ Pop Up Party two weeks back. Needless to say, it was a lot less crowded on a Wednesday afternoon but this allowed us to snap these great pics of the scale model and 1 bedroom model suite.

Check ’em out below and get to know this Reserve Properties project a little better…

109oz sales centre

We really dig the sales centre colour palette. Not a dull tone in the place!

109oz model suite living space

The 1 bedroom model suite. Suites at 109OZ sport some excellent design by II BY IV.

109oz kitchen2

The model kitchen. Sharp? We think so...

109oz kitchen

Nice kitchen island. We could see ourselves eating some serious brunch there.

109oz bedroom

The model bedroom.

109oz bathroom

People gotta see the bathroom but it's always hard to find the right angle. Did we nail it?

109oz model suite

One of our favourite things we've seen in a model suite for awhile. Where does II BY IV find this stuff?

For more info call 416 531 4844 or email ask@109oz.com. Visit the website here!

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