At last week’s awe-inspiring Trump Toronto ribbon cutting ceremony we managed to have a quick chat with Dan Menchions of II BY IV Design Associates.

Mr. Menchions is one of the masterminds behind the design vision at the uber-swanky Trump Toronto so of course we were very curious to hear what he thought about the finished product.

II BY IV started their design work in 2007 and have since created an aesthetic that embodies the height of luxury. We could talk endlessly about this, but that wouldn’t be very exciting. Instead, let’s see what Dan Menchions had to say…

BuzzBuzzHome: Where did the inspiration for the Trump Toronto design come from?

Dan Menchions: The inspiration really came from champagne and caviar. When we presented it to the owners in Toronto, they loved the theme. We knew how the owners traveled and knew the luxury of what they wanted to create here and the international influence they wanted to bring to Toronto.

BBH: Do you have any favourite rooms or pieces in the building that really stand out in terms of design?

DM: The entire hotel to be honest with you. Nobody builds luxury like this and nobody’s building near this quality today. Expect the unexpected!

BBH: In the 31st floor STOCK Restaurant (pictured top left) there’s an amazing piece that takes up almost an entire wall. Can you tell us more about it?

DM: It’s a plaster freeze and it’s all hand carved. The local tradespeople crafted it by hand and it took a very long time to create. It has huge, over-sized crystals embedded in it as well.

There you have it! The goods straight from the Trump Toronto designer. Stay tuned for more buzz!

Trump Toronto is being developed by Talon International Development. For more info visit the website, email sales@trumptoronto or call 416 670 1736.

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