It’s something most of us dreamed about as kids, but Joel Allen, a former software engineer, has built a fully functional and livable treehouse as a pet project and summer home.

Allen sourced the materials from Craigslist after finding the perfect host tree in the town he felt most comfortable in.

“I set out to look for the perfect host tree for the egg-shaped treehouse,” he writes on the HemLoft site. “By then I had determined that it should be somewhere in the backwoods of Whistler. For one thing, I had spent much time roaming those woods and I felt at home in them.”

Dubbed HemLoft, the tiny home features a loft for sleeping, a deck with mountain views, and a workspace. You can find out more about the project on Allen’s website.

We’re wondering what other quirky housing gems Whistler has tucked up its sleeve! What do you think of this tiny treehouse? Could you live in the space?

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