We told you before about The Gardens’ incredible 5% down incentive program, and we have some great news: the offer has been extended!

So many people are impressed with the incentive that The Gardens, by Townline and TA Group of Companies, sold 15 more homes in March. That means that Magnolia and Azalea are now 70% sold out.

Need a refresher on the 5% down program? Here’s the deal: Every purchaser who signs up with a CMHC or Genworth Financial mortgage insurance qualifies. Not only is this 5 to 10 per cent lower than other new developments in Richmond, but it’s an extremely cool project that infuses urban living with a small town vibe. 

The Gardens is close to lots of fun and activities, like the Richmond Night Markets. Yes, that’s right—we said markets, because there are two this year! And you could be super close to the actions by living at The Gardens.

And with a name like The Gardens, it’s bound to be boasting some pretty sweet pastoral life. They opened Celebration Garden last month, and this month comes the Contemplative Secret Garden—two beautiful oases close to home.

For more info call 604 271 3331, email info@liveatthegardens.ca, or visit their website.

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