When Aspen Ridge Homes broke ground on Studio on Richmond, they decided to do things a little differently.

Most of us in the real estate industry are familiar with the traditional ribbon cutting and/or turning of the soil, but when it was time to break ground on Studio, the Aspen Ridge folks suspended a blank canvas on the construction site and splashed vibrantly coloured paint on it.

Jackson Pollock would be proud!

Why the creative twist? Studio is more artistically inclined than most developments as it will feature 8,000 square feet of space available to OCADU to use as a public art gallery and restaurant.

Representatives from Aspen Ridge along with Lisa Deanne Smith, assistant curator at OCADU took turns splashing paint onto the large canvas. The result was taken back to OCADU to be by some of Smith’s students. The finished piece will appear in the amenities of Studio once the building is finished.

Check out this nifty photo of the “paint splashing” ceremony:

studio aspen ridge groundbreaking

From left to right: Jason Attard of Aspen Ridge Homes; Lisa Deanne Smith, Assistant Curator at OCADU; Andrew DeGasperis, Christene DeGasperis and Darius Ryback of Aspen Ridge Homes.

Can’t wait to see this one go up! Check out Studio2 for more artistically driven real estate.

For more info call the sales centre at 647 352 7736.

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