The Real Estate Investment Network held their annual ACRE (Authentic Canadian Real Estate Program) convention over the weekend at the Pearson Convention Centre in Toronto. The objective? To educate attendees on how to make good investment decisions when the economy is booming, stagnating or even busting.

When you get enough real estate-minded folks in one big room, it’s only a matter of time until the tweets begin to fly. Check out our “Storify” story below to see who was saying what on Twitter over the weekend.

Lessons in Real-Estate Investing from #ReinOn @ACRELive

How to Be Worry-Free… Whether the Economy Booms, Busts or Stagnates!

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@donrcampbell explains how to gauge where to invest in Real Estate #REINONtherobcampbell
Be good to your tenants and change your mindset – they are clients! #reinon #ACREliveRich Killeen-Payne
Always treat your tenants like customers rather than tenants. Small gifts go a long way #reinonsusan
Are you a landlord? Need information? Head to and check it all out. #reinon #acre2012REIN™ Canada
Good pictures go a long way when trying to rent your property using ads! #REINONAllie McLaughlin, RD
5 laws of prosperity according 2 Mr. Dolan:Think wealthy, understand capital,partner w/ the best, be generous,& discipline yourself
Great motivational speaker. #richardDolan #reinon Hosseini
"What stands between you and more is actually…you." Richard Dolan #reinonTracey TaylorOReilly
"The reasons not to do something, could be the very same reasons to do that something" #REINONAllie McLaughlin, RD
@DonRCampbell Goes to great heights to teach. @reincanada #acre2012 #reinon White
Rule of thumb, every $10K in mortgage costs you about $40/m #reinon #acre2012Mortgage Sherpa
Recognize what is making you feel overwhelmed and eliminate it! #REINONAllie McLaughlin, RD
Check out this room. #acre2012 #ACRElive @reincanada Murree
There’s GOLD in Diligence #reinonRomey Halabi
Everyone is going to come across road blocks, you CAN get around them. #REINONAllie McLaughlin, RD
RT @richard_kp: Fall in love with the numbers NOT the property. The only way to invest properly. #reinon #ACREliveplatform
We’ve got the jam, if you’ve got the bread let’s JV! #REINONLaurie Lafleur
Make sure properties fit your formula says @DonRCampbell of @reincanada at #ACRElive #acre2012Shannon Murree
Source properties in different ways from others says @DonRCampbell at #acre2012 #ACREliveShannon Murree
JV simplified – I have the jam and peanut butter, you have the bread. Let’s partner and have a sandwich! @russellwestcott #reinonRich Killeen-Payne
Simple says @DonRCampbell at #acre2012 #ACRElive Murree
Set aside some money from monthly cash-flow to build a reserve fund so you can sleep at night. #reinon #acre2012Mat Piche
Always remember closing cost and factor them in #reinonKim Tkaczuk
Remove the emotions when buying a property. #REINONAllie McLaughlin, RD
Good morning! Having a great time at REIN’s ACRE day 2 #reinon. Analyzing properties like Condos! Doing due diligence.Bill Keay
Never buy a property that you can’t afford to hold, hoping for things to change.
Have you heard? The bird is the word! And by bird we mean the GTA Transportation Effect –> #reinonREIN™ Canada
Speculators buy cheap properties. Investors, buy property that fits the cash flow zone. #reinon #acre2012Mat Piche
Buy properties that have a great yield, not because it’s cheap or has granite counters. #reinon #acre2012Mat Piche
"Success is not convenient." #REINONAllie McLaughlin, RD
@donrcampbell explaining what drives the market [2 of 2] #REINONtherobcampbell
The power of positive thinking :" If you think positively, positive things will happen to you."#REINONAllie McLaughlin, RD
I can’t wait to use it! “@kwPropertyPro: An Interalia mortgage…is a great tool to get 100% financing. @peterkinch #acre2012 #reinon”Steve White
RT @reincanada: Which cities are growing? Ajax up 21.6%, Milton up 56.5%, Markham up 15.3%, Vaughan up 20.8%, Wasaga Beach up 16.7% #reinonPropertyLink Realty
RT @i__amm: "You need to understand the rules before you play the game." #REINONrandyramadhin
RT @kwPropertyPro: "how do you get even with a bank? You take their money!!!" @russellwestcott #acre2012 #reinonSteve White
Mr H squared. Go Halifax!! #ACRElive #reinon @richard_kp
The first time I handed my mortgage broker my binder, she showed it to everyone in the office, wished all clients would do the same #reinonErwin
4 rules for successful mortgage application: accurate, consistent, up to date, complete. #reinonMortgage Sherpa
Access to capital is like oxygen, says @russellwestcott. Make sure financing binder is accurate, consistent, uptodate, complete #ReinonJustin Chung
Private money is a good tool if used properly, with your exit strategy being a KEY consideration ~ @peterkinch #reinonREIN™ Canada
#reinon #acre2012 600 investors here in Tor with Don Campbell.Hamilton & Barrie are still the place to invest in ON. Alcamo
Real estate investment mortgages are very small niche only 4% of all mortgages #reinonMortgage Sherpa
#Halifax is in the top ten of ALL cities in Canada for the first time ever. We are #9!!! Woohoo! #reinonRich Killeen-Payne
#REINON REIN’s ACRE program in Brampton today! Don R. Campbell rocks. Do the work, do the research, do the deal. Just do it.Karen Cumming
Buying rental property within 1km of a subway or transportation hub increases value by 10 to 15% #REINONsjavor
Distance is measured in time, not kilometres. How far do you live from the office? #reinonREIN™ Canada
Luck of the Irish – Canada is looking to Ireland to bring in thousands of skilled construction workers to fill jobs. #reinonREIN™ Canada
Without immigration Canada’s population would decline #REINONLarry Kron
What factor is giving the US a higher rate of population growth over Canada? Teenage pregnancy. #reinonREIN™ Canada
Did you know: Over 90% of millionaires become so through owning Real Estate" – Andrew Carnegie #RE #REINON #business #entrepreneur #CashFloOlivier Pinard
"Price of a property does not matter, what matters is return on investment" says @DonRCampbell, "cheap doesn’t matter!" #reinonErwin
Wrong!! Not location location location! #ACRElive guess again #reinonShannon Murree
In treating your RE Investing like a biz you will eliminate chaos – doesn’t that make sense to you?? Does to me. #reinon.Rich Killeen-Payne

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