post house construction We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, no one keeps us in the construction-progress loop quite like the folks at Alterra.

They’ve been keeping us up-to-date on all the developments at their Post House site since construction began and the work has been progressing smoothly.

They’ve also been sending us primo action shots from the site for our (and your!) viewing pleasure. It’s an exciting project and clearly Alterra want everyone to see it get built.

The word on the street is sales have been going swimmingly at the development as purchasers are recognizing the great near-Jarvis and Adelaide location.

Post House is named for its proximity to Toronto’s first post office and is only a short walk away from the St. Lawrence Market and The Distillery District. The 278 unit project is set for completion in 2013.

And now on to the action shots…

post house construction1

We can't even begin to speculate as to what they're carrying, but it looks important.

post house construction2

They've stumped us on this one too! What the heck is that thing doing?

post house construction3

This one we know. Excavation is well underway at the site and this beast of a machine is instrumental in the process.

post house construction4

Check out the old post office and adjacent heritage buildings in this shot! This photo also shows off the tiebacks along the walls.

For more info, click over to the Post House website or call the sales centre at 416 964 2777.

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